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Commercial Auto Insurance

Locally owned and operated in the heart of Bel Air, Maryland, AAG Insurance has been serving area businesses and their Commercial Auto Insurance needs for over 25 years.

Some business owners mistakenly believe that they only need commercial auto insurance to cover large trucks or vehicles that they registered in the company’s name. Sometimes, the vehicle weight or ownership may determine that a car, truck, or van needs a business policy; however, many other vehicles would also only be properly insured by commercial vehicle insurance. Inadequate coverage for business cars can pose a large risk for businesses and other involved parties.

When to Consider Commercial Auto Insurance

Business owners should consider learning more about proper coverage for any cars or trucks used for business. This could include:

  • Vehicles used to carry goods
  • Vehicles used to transport employees or customers
  • Vehicles owned by the company, buy the owner, or even by employees

In these cases, the size of the car doesn’t matter. The kind of vehicle won’t matter either. The fact that the car is registered in the owner’s or company’s name also won’t matter. What matters is the risk of having an improperly insured vehicle involved in an accident.

In accidents, inventory or supplies could get damaged. Passengers, drivers, and people in other vehicles could get injured. Without commercial insurance, companies and vehicle owners could face large losses without having insurance to compensate them properly. Personal insurance may not have adequate limits for property damage or medical expenses to cover a business. In some cases, personal policies restrict or exclude business use of a car.

How to Buy Commercial Insurance for Business Use

In some circumstances, vehicle owners may add a business rider to their personal policies. In other situations, it will make sense to cover the car with a commercial auto policy. An experienced business insurance agent can discuss individual situations, suggest the right solutions, and then help find the best protection.

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