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Boat Insurance

Boat InsuranceBoat Insurance Basics

Whether you need boat insurance in Maryland or out of state we can help.  Our team at AAG Insurance provides expert advice giving you the information you need to make the best choice for boat or marine insurance at the best rates and coverage.

A common misconception is that your umbrella or homeowners insurance policy will adequately protect you and your boat, you could be making an expensive mistake. Many home policies only cover damages that occur on the insured property and offer limited coverage. An umbrella policy might provide excess liability; however, it usually requires you to also have a base policy on your craft.

We can help protect you against property damage and liability claims by offering you specialized marine or boat insurance that has been tailored to the needs of boat owners. Our competitive rates and tailored policies will offer you the peace of mind that you deserve as you take your valuable boat out on the water, anchor it at the marina, or tow it behind a vehicle.

What Kinds of Boats Need Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance refers to policies that your personal craft. Examples include yachts, motorboats, pontoons, catamarans, and even houseboats.  Boat insurance can cover damage to your boat, motor trailer, and personal belongings on the boat.

Some states legally require certain types of powerboats to carry a minimum of liability insurance. If state law doesn’t require it, your lender or marina might. Even if you aren’t forced to buy boat insurance, you might still consider the losses that you could incur if your boat was damaged by a storm, another craft, or even while you’re towing it on the road. Besides purchasing insurance to cover your boat, you may also purchase it to cover you against liability claims that you caused damages or injuries while operating your craft.

Typical boat insurance may cover:

  • Damages to your boat from a collision
  • Injury or property damage liability
  • Medical payments
  • Hull coverage
  • Comprehensive protection against theft, storms, and other incidents that aren’t collisions
  • Additional coverage that may include personal property, towing, and more
  • Replacement
  • Fuel Spills

Talk to Us Today About Boat Insurance

Call us today if you need boat insurance in Maryland or beyond.  We will help you shop for the most competitive rates from top-rated boat and marine insurance companies. Get in touch with us right away, so we can learn more about your boat and the way that you plan to use it.

Availability varies by state and by insurance company.

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